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The Talking Book Library provides large type books. These books are sent through the mail "Free Matter for the Blind." You must apply to the Talking Book Library to use this service. Large type books can be searched and requested through the Talking Book Library's ONLINE CATALOG. The printed version of the annual Large Print Books Catalog can be requested by calling the Talking Book Library at 508-799-1730 or 1-800-762-0085. If desired, the annual Large Print Books Catalog and its quarterly supplements can be viewed online and downloaded from the following pdf files:

- Large Print Books Annual Catalog - June 2007

- Large Print Books Annual Catalog - July 2005

- Large Print Books Supplement March April 2017

- Large Print Books Supplement January February 2017

-Large Print Books Supplement September October 2016

- Large Print Books Supplement - May - June 2016

- Large Print Books Supplement - January - February 2016

- Large Print Children and Young Adult Books - May 2008

- Large Print Juvenile Books Catalog - July 2006

- Large Print Young Adult Books Catalog - July 2006

Loan Policy for Large Type Materials

The following policies govern circulation of large type books to eligible individuals who have a vision impairment, a learning disability or a physically disability. Individuals who borrow materials from the library accept the responsibility for using materials with reasonable care, returning them to the lending agency according to established loan policies, and not losing or damaging them through negligence. Failure to comply with the policy can result in suspension of library privileges.

Large type books will be loaned, without charge, by the Talking Book Library to residents of Massachusetts who are registered for Talking Book Service. The library will keep records of all such loans. The borrower should notify the library of any address change, the desire to cancel service, or a temporary or permanent transfer of service to another geographic area.

A borrower in good standing may have a maximum of (2) two large type books charged out at one time. Once a borrower reaches the maximum, no additional books will be sent until some have been returned. For each book returned a replacement book will be sent. The number of books checked out is not to exceed (2) two. The loan period for books is (4) four weeks. No fines for overdue materials will be charged. However, borrowers are urged to observe the loan period so books can be available to other readers.

The borrower will make sure that books being returned to the library by "Free Matter are delivered to the U.S. Postal Service by putting them in a mailbox, handing them to a mail carrier, or taking them to the post office. Placing them on the borrower's doorstep for pickup by a mail carrier does not constitute delivery to the postal service. If problems arise by using this method, the borrower is responsible for lost or damaged materials.

Borrowers may not lend large type books to other persons.