17. Can Customers Still Receive Service While on Vacation or if They Only Live in Massachusetts Part of the Year? What Happens if a Customer Moves?

Anyone who resides in Massachusetts at least six months out of the year is eligible for service from the Talking Book Library. Notify the Talking Book Library of any address and telephone changes and provide dates for when the changes become effective. Customers can request materials be sent to vacation or out-of-state residences, but should take their playback equipment with them. Customers can also place a "hold" on their Library service until they have returned to Massachusetts.

Patrons moving out-of-state should provide their new address and telephone number to the Talking Book Library so it can transfer their service to the talking book library in that state. Patrons may return the cassette player to the Braille and Talking Book Library at Perkins and obtain other equipment from the new library or may take their current machine with them.

U.S. citizens moving out of the country may also make arrangements to continue borrowing books no matter where they reside in the world.